My affiliate policy is simple: 50%, and it's recurring.

So you'll get paid 50%, for every month a member stays, however long that may be.

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6 thoughts on “Partners

    1. Drayton Bird

      I rarely say “I don’t know” – but I don’t have the answer to that.

      A mailing list to sell what, to whom? No list converts well unless they are the right people for your offering.

      And even more, no list converts well unless you have a good product or service to sell, at a good price, with damn good copy.

  1. Christopher

    Hi Drayton,

    Your affiliate link seems garbled.

    Register as an affiliate here, right now:
    [fastmemaff chunk=”regform” page=”255″]

    How can I sign up and start promoting your solid gold acres of wisdom?

    1. Richard

      It looks like it’s a wordpress shortcode that should be throwing up a registration form, but instead is just plain text. Either the shortcode is incorrect or there’s something else preventing it from doing what it should be doing. Drayton, let me know if you require assistance fixing it.


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